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Nickel Electroplating

In the process of Nickel Electroplating, coat of nickel metal is deposited over another metal for inducing certain superior properties. The process done through an electrolytic solution. This electroplating process is widely used in the electronics and chemical industries. Some of the features of nickel coating that is deposited on the metal surface are as follows:

Satin Nickel Plating Services
We provide Satin Nickel Plating Services, which are ideal for steel, copper, brass, zinc die-castings and powdered metal. Our experts make use of bright nickel solution is used to provide a decorative finish and it acts as an excellent barrier coating to minimize metal migration. Satin nickel plating is used where improved ductility and solderability is required.
Nickel Chrome Plating Services
Our company offers Nickel Chrome Plating Services, which is renowned as one of the most decorative metal plating process. Nickel chrome plating services provides a protection layer from the corrosion and wears on the materials and gives a decorative chrome finish to the SS and MS materials that can resist for a longer duration.
Black Nickel Plating Services
We are providing Black Nickel Plating Services, which assure corrosion resistance and complete protection of the materials. Black Nickel Plating is basically a process of deposition of decorative black finish on the materials and in this process; a large amount of nickel, zinc and sulphur is mixed. Our solutions offer a perfect black color effect and ensure corrosion resistance.