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Silver Electroplating

We offer cost effective Silver Electroplating services to our esteemed clients. Our silver electroplating services are widely used for jewelry making and in electronic & chemical industries. Use of electric current for reducing the cautions of a material from the electrolytic solution and coating the same as a thin layer on the desired material is the process of electroplating.

Silver Plating - Thickness
0.0003" for articles such as terminals which are to be soldered
0.0005" for corrosion protection of nonferrous basis metals or for increasing the electrical conductivity of basis metals
0.0050"-0.0100" for electrical contacts, depending on pressure, friction and electrical load
Silver Plating Specification
Silver Plating - Matte
Silver Plating - Semi-Bright
Silver Plating - Bright
Silver Plating - Grades
With supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment.
Without supplementary tarnish-resistant treatment

Silver Plating - Corrosion Protection
For applications where corrosion protection is important, the use of silver plating with an electrodeposited nickel undercoat is advantageous.
Silver Plating - Underplate Recommendations
Silver plating on steel, zinc and zinc-based alloys should have an undercoat of nickel over copper.
Silver plating on copper and copper alloys should have a nickel undercoat. Copper and copper alloy material on which a nickel undercoat is not used, and other base metals where a copper undercoat is employed, should not be used for continuous service at a temperature in excess of 300 degrees F (149 degrees C). Adhesion of the silver plating is adversely affected because of the formation of a weak silver and copper intermetallic layer.